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Casual gastronomy is the spearhead of Braisenville, what does that mean?

Braisenville launched casual or relaxed gastronomy by being the first restaurant in 2011 to offer a large menu of tasting plates combining good products, inspirations and techniques at prices that remain affordable for the quality and work considered. Most recipes are made in a charcoal oven, the tool used par excellence in moments of relaxation (barbecue).

Was Braisenville the first gourmet restaurant to introduce the charcoal oven as a pioneering cooking method in the capital?

Indeed, the creator of Braisenville, Philippe Baranes had identified through his research that this tool gave a subtle and sapid taste to the palate. Also, he imported it to Paris and made it the name of his restaurant.

Now, this tool is known on the Parisian scene.

How to reserve a table?

The most convenient way is to reserve online at Nevertheless, a hotline at +33 9 50 91 21 74 is in place from morning to 6 p.m. (you will be called back the same day in the event of no immediate response). You can also walk to the restaurant between 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Can I reserve on the semi-precious stone tables?

All Braisenville tables are made of semi-precious stones: those with inlaid stones (unique crafts) and those in petrified wood (fossilized wood). If you wish to reserve on tables with inlaid stones, indicate this when making your reservation.

“Just in time Reservations”: it is after 11:45 a.m. or 6:30 p.m., I would like to come, what should I do because the reservation slots are no longer visible online?

Please contact us on 09 50 91 21 74 and we will find the place you can find.

At dinner, is it possible to pair the food with the wine?

Of course. Each tasting plate is an opportunity to discover a wine region, one or more grape varieties or a winemaking technique. Ask the advice of the sommelier, it is worth it.

Is it possible to have lunch and dinner on the summer terrace?

Absolutely, the summer terrace is open until October 31 for lunch or dinner. At dinner, according to the rules in force in Paris, tables must be vacated by 10 pm at the latest. This means that it is best to arrive as early as possible.

If, however, you are still enjoying the dessert at 10 pm, you will continue to do so in our interior room. We thank you for having this flexibility on our side.

May I reserve for more than 6 persons?

Yes of course. Send your request to You can also contact the hotline on +33 9 50 91 21 74 (see details on the hotline in the first question above).

For 8 persons, is a menu obligatory or is an à la carte choice still possible?

For 8 guests and more, a menu is in fact required:

– for lunch: Starter-Main-Dessert
– for dinner: Carte Blanche Tasting Menu.

This menu ensures that diners receive their meals at the same time, whereas an a la carte choice does not enable it.

We are 7 or 8 people, can we eat on a large table in a separate corner?

Yes quite. For up to 7 or 8 people, we have a large oval table perfect for this occasion. Furthermore, this table is made of semi-precious stones.

How does the bank imprint request work?

A bank imprint is requested when making the reservation to guarantee the seriousness of your reservation and to limit the impact of late cancellations and no shows on the restaurant’s activity. We are all responsible. In case of impediment, we ask you to cancel your reservation as soon as possible and at the latest 6 hours before the time of your reserved meal so that you are not debited with the amount of the bank imprint.
In case of non-cancellation or cancellation within 6 hours before your meal, you will be charged the total amount of the bank imprint.
Please note: the account debit is automatically canceled at the end of your visit to our restaurant.

I would like to offer a gift voucher for a meal for 2 persons at Braisenville, how to proceed?

Please go to the restaurant homepage and click on “Gifts”. You will choose one or several gift vouchers. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. You will receive a confirmation email which will contain the gift voucher.

I received a gift voucher, how to use it?

Congratulations, you are lucky!. Just contact the restaurant’s hotline to plan your visit (see details on the hotline in the first question).

I am vegan or I have food intolerances, how can I notify the restaurant?. Will there be an additional cost?

When placing your order, notify us of your food intolerances, we will take them into account at no extra cost.

On the other hand, note that if the recipes are not vegan, last minute vegan adaptations will not be possible.

How does the Carte Blanche Tasting menu work at lunch or at dinner?

The Carte Blanche tasting menu in 5 sequences (4 savory plates and 1 sweet plate) involves letting yourself be carried away by the discovery of our creative inspirations of the moment depending on the seasonality of the products. It is both a time of excitement and letting go for you.

Our service team will present the dishes to you before tasting.

For lunch, please allow time (1h30 for the sequences).

How to privatize or semi-privatize the Braisenville restaurant?

Please send your request with needs for your event (food, drinks, atmosphere) to

Where to eat in other Philippe Baranes' restaurants?

The restaurants are located at:
– 36 and 38 rue Condorcet, Paris 9th: Il Cuoco Galante (Italian gastronomy) and Amaro cocktail bar, unique in France
– 74 rue des archives, Paris 3th: Dessance (French modern gastronomic restaurant), in the Marais, which won the Paris design award.

I am an experienced professional or in training, may I apply for a job at Braisenville?

We are always on the lookout for motivated talents to work in the restaurant. Please send your CV along with a cover letter to