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The spirit of the place

When I opened Braisenville at the beginning of 2011, my aim was to create a spontaneous and relaxed fine dining experience. That is why I focused on the symbolism of the barbecue. There is no structured dinner menu: the idea is to sample at will tasting plates designed to appeal to the appetite and fancy, in the convivial Spanish format of ‘tapas’ or ‘raciones’.
Philippe Baranes

Our style of cuisine invites the diner to a shared experience, a journey and an emotional feast. Every week we meet with producers as passionate as ourselves, to harvest the best seasonal produce from the Ile de France region and elsewhere. Every day, we use these ingredients to elaborate our menu with love, imagination and precision.

This same quest for real ‘savoir-faire’ is evident in our selection of wines, spirits, coffee and tea: paired with each ración, natural, biodynamic and truly organic food and drink pairings, ‘grands vin at reasonable prices, superior spirits and liqueurs, coffee ground to order, tea from Japan.

The décor too, is out of the ordinary: the design in each of the restaurant’s varied sectors is sleek and original, the colours those of raw and glowing coals: grey polished concrete, pitch-black bricks, rosy orange lamps and kitchen, and a vivid scarlet rear dining room.

Our friendly waiting staff are pleased to advise and put you at ease. We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.


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